With over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry, TECHPHONE can tailor an affordable communications solutions to your current and future business needs.

GDS Models

Hybrex GDS is a modular extendable platform : from a basic 40 or 80 port cabinet incrementing to a 640 port multi-cab system the GDS can satisfy your communications needs. Starting from as few as 4 lines and 4 extensions all of the extensive feature set of a GDS system is available to you at the outset. This makes a Hybrex GDS a premier choice for any business with growth in mind as extension of the system is as simple as adding another module. Future technologies are not a worry either as the GDS is under constant development adding new features to keep its extensive capabilities current with contemporary communications implementations.


GDS - The Platform for Today and Tomorrow

Hybrex GDS (Global Digital System) is a feature-rich platform that meets existing telecommunication requirements and extends capability to future-proof migration solutions. The system provides the options of external interfaces to PSTN, ISDN (BRI, PRI), E1/T1, DID, E&M, VoIP and GSM trunk channels, along with feature-packed digital keyphones, IP telephones, and traditional analog and wireless-handsets.

This combination of options offers the security of proven communications channels alongside the economy and facility extension of the newer IP technologies integrated into the one communications system. In so doing you can enjoy the comfort of keeping your business online 24/7 whatever network conditions exist.

Integrating with many applications and programs the GDS system is a diverse and advanced communication platform with a versatility permitting it to adapt with Internet-enabled technology for voice, data and security applications as they develop. This integrated IP-based capability protects your investment and ensures a wide range of options for expanding your information and communication infrastructure as your business grows.


Teamwork makes the difference

IP-CTI (IP-based Computer Telephony Integration) technology

Computers and IT networks are a fact of life in business today. Internet access has become mandatory in many sectors and the formation of Intranets commonplace as businesses seek to enhance their information assets. An effective way to leverage these assets is to combine the most important tools: the contact list, the personnel, and the communications channel : your customers, staff, phone system, and IT network. With Hybrex GDS IP connectivity, TAPI protocol CTI interface, or Hybrex applications like the CTStar application suite or its components, this integration can be realised.

TAPI is a standard protocol that allows integration with Microsoft products and many other third party programs that run on the Microsoft Windows platform. These applications provide phone system integration in various ways. For example integration with contact lists that provide a callers details onscreen as the call arrives to the desk, or dialing from a contact list, are probably the most common forms. Other features such as presence indication, instant messsaging, availability status, call recording and Unified messaging are also known. A quick example of Hybex TAPI is that “Click to Dial” from a Microsoft Outlook contact list is achievable with nothing more than the install of a driver on your PC and a link to the GDS - see the Hybrex TAPI page. Hybrex CTStar can provide similar functionality in an integrated program suite. See the CTStar pages.

Whether it be the above integration solutions that provide your team with productivity tools, or the humble but most popular IP based Hybrex Call Accounting System, or the Internet connectivity that allows the authorised service centre to remotely maintain the system eliminating many costly service calls, GDS IP technology is a worthy asset.


Leverage the options to create your economic advantage

LCR (Least Cost Routing) and VoIP (Voice over IP)

Hybrex LCR is a sophisticated and flexible least-cost routing system that ensures that all calls are made at the most economic rate, producing substantial savings on all your calls, particularly long distance charges. This is the most significant cost efficiency tool whenever there is more than one carrier or service provider available. The entire LCR set up and/or other changes can be administered remotely by modem or Internet connection, assuring quick response times from authorized dealers, further enhancing fiscal performance with this opportunity to reduce maintenence costs.

More information on LCR is provided on the GDS Features Page.


VoIP is an emergent technology for the processing and transport of voice traffic. As the universal availability of IP connections is underway and connection bandwidth capabilities grow the growing significance of VoIP as a communications medium cannot be understated. This is particularly so as the economies possible with VoIP are a real challenge to the traditional channels for voice. The weak point however is the carriage medium itself : the Internet, where voice, with its ”real time” needs, must compete with the growing volume of other traffic carried.

Your GDS System will support both traditional voice grade lines and also IP type connections. Thus you can leverage the economies of VoIP, AND have peace of mind in the event Internet traffic becomes unreliable, as you have the fallback comfort of traditional channels avilable to you. With the GDS built-in VoIP interface, you choose the best route when needed. This is not possible for IP-only switching systems as they lack traditional line capability, thus they are crippled if internet access is lost.


Extensive options and programmability to fit any task

The extensive programmability of Hybrex GDS allows flexible system configuration to fit almost any communications need. Marry this with comprehensive porting flexibility, reliability, and attractive peripheral equipment options, and GDS cannot be denied as deserving your attention for a business communications solution.

There are many descriptions on the following pages for your perusal:

  • See the GDS Features page for more feature descriptions.
  • See the Solutions pages for business type related solution descriptions.


GDS 600 Applications

Small to Large Corporate Organizations

With Hybrex GDS technology you can start from as low as 12 ports and and continue expanding to 640 ports currently, soon to be 1280 ports. With all of the features of the GDS from the beginning your system will grow with you : a solid business investment.

Multi-national Organization : Multi-site Networks on VoIP

One number for all members world wide within the organization.



Hybrex GDS offers a special combination of functions and features that form a solid communications platform for any Hospitality business. From the smallest Motel to the largest Hotel or Resort complex a GDS system forms a formidable asset. Features such as: Specialist voice-services (voicemail plus!) that provides Guests and Staff alike with voice guided interfaces that are easy to use and reduce training requirements to an absolute minimum. Front Desk IP integration for room phone control, messaging, call accounting, and more, that is easy to use and enhances Hotel management and services to the Guest. Unique Emergency Safety features. Fidelio certified PMS interface for larger establishments....

In fact the possibilities are too numerous to cover here :

Please see the Hotel segment on the GDS Features page for a brief description; and the Hospitality Solutions page for more complete descriptions.


Clinic or Hospital

Access Control Phone (ACP) works as a two way speaker for nurse and patient, patient monitoring, doctor's wall mount phone to auto answer calls without touching any buttons.